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Fitzpatrick Family Farm


Wasola, Missouri


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An off grid family farm situated on 30 acres high in the Ozark hills…


The Pioneer’s Experience:

2 Day Adventure

With a complete itinerary giving you a hands on and memorable experience of life as a Modern Day Pioneer on our 30 acre off grid and sustainable farm…
After a relaxing stay in our Pioneer Cabin the next day begins with our fun and engaging Pioneer Living Class and then outside for our hands on gardening demonstration with your own plant start to take home.
After a break for lunch we take you on a Farm Tour of our off grid and sustainable 30 acre farm to see and experience what we shared in the class..
Including interactions with all our farm animals. Help groom the donkey and horses, milk the goats (in season), feed the turkeys, goose, Muscovys, guinea hens, rabbits and more..
**Adults and children ages 13+
Visit here to see a break down of the Itinerary:

Visit here to learn about our overnight stay packages and use of our Wood Fired Sauna:
Cabin Stays:
Tent and Boondocking RV Stays:
~And Visit Our Farm Stand Store to Purchase Sweet Treats, Our Own Relaxing CBD Products and Spa Quality Lotions and Salves..


Overnight Cabin guests stay in the comfort of our one room 12×12 off grid Pioneer guest cabin built from pallets and up cycled materials…

The Pioneer Cabin






Our guest cabin is wood stove heated for year round stays..


The guest cabin is surrounded by a ceder split rail fence that encompasses the outdoor laundry area, fire pit, sawdust composting toilet outhouse and covered front patio area.





Overnight guests can enjoy a half hour in our wood fired sauna cabin (included with your one night stay).

Screenshot_20221118-113012~28×10 Wood Fired Sauna 




We also offer classes and coaching sessions onsite in our guest cabin, online and over the phone..
Currently Available:
Pioneer Preparedness
 Pioneer Gardening
 Pioneer Finances
Holistic Heath Coaching
 *New Pioneer Hunting Class
 *Please see the menu tab for more information on our classes and coaching sessions..


And be sure to visit our Farm Stand Store for our farm grown products as well as homemade candy and our own CBD Edibles and firewood.
*Sorry we can not accept cards at the stands. Cash only..
*Stands are monitored by security cameras.
Homemade gourmet pretzel sticks and candies available in our Farm Stand Store



Seedlings transplanted into a Back to Eden wood chipped bed.. Thyme, dill, perrenial Kale, strawberries, and chives..
We do not wear masks. Guests can choose whether or not they want to wear masks.
No pets
No smoking

To Make an Appointment:

Call: 417-543-0877
What to bring
For classes: 
Water bottle, weather appropriate clothing and if desired what’s needed for taking notes.
For overnight stays:
Bring all you would normally for camping including but not limited to: Sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, food, flash lights, battery powered lanterns, plates and silverware.


We reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time.
**Self check in on Saturdays with sauna and Pioneer Adventure on Sundays


I would like to thank the Fitz family farm for allowing us to experience their off grid homestead. Something I wish I had had the experienced or opportunity to have before. Therefore, there is never a too late of an experience or learning time. Very simple to understand & see with hands on, which is hard to forge. Yes, watching videos can help, but to experience hands on will bring you to another level of confidence. Thank you for your time. As some say, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ~Ben and Eveyln O.

We have learned much from Goose and Gillian regarding living a simpler life and healing our family. Their passion for off-grid living is captivating. We love how they teach in a way that is easy to relate to… They are simply real people teaching how we can live a real life. Thank you for all you do! ~Keagan and Sarah K.

When my husband and I were talking about going off grid they gave us the best advice and support. They gave us some ideas we never even thought of. They have been off grid for a long time and have had a lot of different situations come up. They know how to problem solve and getting it fixed or getting it going. They have such a passion to teach and show others how to make it work with anything or how to get it started. You can see how much it means to them to show what they have done, what works, how to fix it, what to try, and how far they have got. Bless them for everything they do.
~ David and Desirae P.

They say “those who can’t, teach.” Well maybe. But not in this case. Yesterday we spent a couple hours with this couple and left educated, motivated and encouraged. They are great teachers. There was plenty of time to chat and many rabbit trails to follow yet Gillian quite comfortably stayed on task and we made it through her whole list of topics to cover. I’m sure I may have found all the same info online, but who has time to go through the petabytes of info to find it? In addition, to weed through all the nonsense that is out there.
I can’t wait to attend more classes by them. ~Doug Drinkwine

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