The Pioneer Place 

Wasola, Missouri



On our family farm we seek to go back to the original design..
A peaceful life walking with our Father.. in the garden.. with our loved ones… surrounded by our animals.
Today many long for this life.. Our goal is to help them get there…
Owners: Goose and Gillian
2022 Class Offerings:
Preparedness Living
 Preparedness Health 
Preparedness Gardening 
Preparedness Finances
**Class descriptions below


Classes and Coaching Sessions take place in the comfort of the Pioneer Cabin..
A beautiful 12×12 Frontier style one room cabin. Built from pallets, trees from our land and utility grade lumber. 



The Pioneer Cabin sits at the center of the fenced in micro homestead yard..
The firepit, picnic table, loveable loo outhouse, outdoor shower and outdoor laundry area all available to our overnight guests..



Lovable loo wood chip composting toilet..




And be sure to visit our Farm Stand Camp Store for our farm grown products as well as homemade breads and our own CBD Edibles. We also offer toiletries and firewood.
*Sorry we can not accept cards at the stands. Cash only..
*Stands are monitored by security cameras.

All classes and sessions:

Available Sunday-Friday

 $10 per person per class

Ages 14+


 Preparedness Health & Wellness Coaching

It’s time to return to the old ways of healing…
We will focus on:
Old World Approaches With a Biblical Focus
Healing Foods
The Gut/Brain Connection
Parasite Cleanses
Natural Detox (Body and Home)
Medicinal Herbs
Stress Management
Emotional Health
Hormone Balance
At Home Exercise Regimes
Homemade Probiotics
CBD Uses
Preparing for Covid 
Preparing for Small Pox
In a world that seems to be spinning out control it’s time to look the the ancient paths.. and walk in them…and find rest for our souls..
*Mrs. Fitzpatrick, as a Health and Wellness Coach, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Husson College and a Certificate of Natural Medicine and Herbalism from The Hyamson Institute, a Complimentary Therapist Accredited Association.

Preparedness Gardening

Taking your gardening from a beautiful summer time hobby to a life sustaining and rewarding year round purposeful lifestyle. Be Prepared to raise the food your family needs no matter what comes down the pike.

At our Preparedness Gardening Class you will learn: 

How to establish a garden that requires minimal watering and weeding

How to build soil

What plants to grow in each of the 4 seasons and when to plant them

How to start your seedlings 

What plants you can leave in the ground for winter harvests

How to build an inexpensive green house 

Growing food year round in an unheated greenhouse

Best perrenial plants for a self sustaining garden

Planting a food forest

Best plants to grow for survival food 

Seed saving

Animals in the garden

And more..

$10 per person per class


Preparedness Living Class

Covers all aspects of modern pioneer and preparedness living including:


Inexpensive building techniques

Living without refrigeration

  Back to Eden gardening

Food storage


Grey water systems

Water Filtration

Off grid laundry

Cooking over an open fire

Self defense and more..

Preparedness Finances

True financial independence doesn’t come from having a million dollars in the bank.. it comes from not needing their money at all..

In our Pioneer Finances class we will teach you how to take the steps to help you break free from dependency on the financial system.

We will cover:

Getting out of debt

Retirement without investments

Living without insurances

Building a home without a mortgage

Breaking free from the grocery stores

Living without utility payments

Investing in your land

How to live well on very little income

How to generate what little income you need

Preparing for economic recession, depression or collapse


Having a strong community

And more..

Classes are $10 per person per class
Seedlings transplanted into a Back to Eden wood chipped bed.. Thyme, dill, perrenial Kale, strawberries, and chives..
We do not wear masks. Guests can choose whether or not they want to wear masks.
No pets
No smoking

To Make an Appointment:

Call: 417-543-0877
What to bring
For classes: 
Water bottle, weather appropriate clothing and if desired what’s needed for taking notes.
For overnight stays:
Bring all you would normally for camping including but not limited to: Sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, food, flash lights, battery powered lanterns, plates and silverware.


We reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time.
Phones, farm and stands are closed Sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday for Sabbath.


I would like to thank the Fitz family farm for allowing us to experience their off grid homestead. Something I wish I had had the experienced or opportunity to have before. Therefore, there is never a too late of an experience or learning time. Very simple to understand & see with hands on, which is hard to forge. Yes, watching videos can help, but to experience hands on will bring you to another level of confidence. Thank you for your time. As some say, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ~Ben and Eveyln O.

We have learned much from Goose and Gillian regarding living a simpler life and healing our family. Their passion for off-grid living is captivating. We love how they teach in a way that is easy to relate to… They are simply real people teaching how we can live a real life. Thank you for all you do! ~Keagan and Sarah K.

When my husband and I were talking about going off grid they gave us the best advice and support. They gave us some ideas we never even thought of. They have been off grid for a long time and have had a lot of different situations come up. They know how to problem solve and getting it fixed or getting it going. They have such a passion to teach and show others how to make it work with anything or how to get it started. You can see how much it means to them to show what they have done, what works, how to fix it, what to try, and how far they have got. Bless them for everything they do.
~ David and Desirae P.

They say “those who can’t, teach.” Well maybe. But not in this case. Yesterday we spent a couple hours with this couple and left educated, motivated and encouraged. They are great teachers. There was plenty of time to chat and many rabbit trails to follow yet Gillian quite comfortably stayed on task and we made it through her whole list of topics to cover. I’m sure I may have found all the same info online, but who has time to go through the petabytes of info to find it? In addition, to weed through all the nonsense that is out there.
I can’t wait to attend more classes by them. ~Doug Drinkwine

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